Sunday, June 7, 2015

Why I Wash My Hair Every 2-3 Days


When it comes to washing my hair, i wash it every 2-3 days. I said HAIR not body. When anyone says they don’t shampoo everyday everyone assumes i don’t shower everyday. I am a clean freak why would i not shower everyday. Some days i shower 2-3 times a day. I wash my body just not my hair. I am no expert but, washing your hair everyday may get rid of the oils, but it also gets rid of the healthy oils you need for your hair to grow. If you choose to shampoo everyday you find your hair gets so dry and it’s not worth it to have dry hair that isn’t healthy.

After you shower and shampoo your hair doesn’t get extremely oily in 1 day. It may get a bit shiny but to solve that problem, brush your hair. You move the oils from the top of your head through it leaving your hair softer.

When you go to take a shower do not leave it down because getting your hair wet will make it oily. The point isn’t to get your hair oily, it’s to see how long before it gets too oily. Wear a shower cap!! They aren’t that cute but no one is going to see you in the shower. They have cheap ones that work great on amazon for about $10.  

Use dry shampoo. Dry shampoo is my life saver. Your hair is a little shiny at the roots? Dry shampoo. Your hair is getting flat? Dry shampoo. Your hair smells? Dry shampoo. Dry shampoo is something that work for so many things and is easy to find and cheap.

If your hair is getting oily and you still don’t want to shower, find a bad hair day hair style. It can be a top knot, messy bun, french braid, hat, or some cool thing you invent. Honestly, your hair seems to have less oil in it then it looks. No one will notice.

Shampoo enough that you do not stink. Your hair can smell especially if you work out. You don’t have to wait 2-3 days to shampoo if that is not the same rate your hair gets oily. Learn what your hair wants and go off of that and what works best for you.

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