Saturday, June 27, 2015


As weird as it sounds this summer has been extremely stressful. Oregon is going through a huge heat wave at the moment and its extremely muggy. I am in a little resort town called Kah-Nee-Dah, a resort on an indian reserve. Its 105 degrees and we are staying in a teepee for the weekend. Its quite insane how hot it gets inside this thing. Well whenever its extremely hot I get super stressed out and anxious. Well I have developed a bit of a system to get through all of this.

  1. Take a shower. Something about taking a shower and feeling clean is one of the greatest feelings in the world to me.
  2. Reading in a cool place. I have so many books to read this summer for my own amusement and learning and sitting in the shade with a book and some iced tea is such a great feeling. 
  3. Reading blogs.  The books I read tend to be educational in some ways and scrolling through blogs is a great feeling and is so relieving to just catch up on something rather than myself. 
  4. Drinking water. If I am stressed I am usually so cranky and a bit dehydrated. If I chug a bottle of water (which I can do in a matter of seconds) I feel so refreshed and its a life saver. 
  5. Eating some healthy snacks. I get hangry. If you don't know what that means its being hungry  makes you angry. I suffer from being hangry at times and its even worse than me being cranky. If your hangry eat a healthy snack because apples and peanut butter has so many pro's compared to eating a chocolate bar. 
Hope this helped if y'all are feeling stressed this summer. 

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