Monday, June 1, 2015

Study Tips and Tricks for Tests

I am in highschool, but i have developed some great study tips. I tend to get about a 90-100% on all my tests and it’s due to some great things. I have a few tips that i swear by and I am my friends go to tutor in biology.

My biggest tip is to start early. Don’t start your studying the night before. I start all my studying a week to 2 weeks before. I use my planner to set away about 20 minutes the first few days of studying and then work that up to about 2 hours the day before the day before your test. Yes your biggest day should be 2 days before to review all your material.

My second tip is to only study for 30 minutes the day before. You only want to go over the big stuff or get a few tiny pieces of information you keep forgetting in your head. Don’t stay up late no matter what. You want to go to bed early if possible and stay relaxed. Eat a good dinner and just try to put yourself in a optimistic mood. My biggest thing i tell people is if you don’t know it then, you won’t know it tomorrow.

Flashcards are my lifesaver. You can use them almost anywhere and you can take them everywhere because they are so portable. I use them for vocab, ideas, topics, and details that are important to the big ideas.

When you start your studying make a study guide. Not some sheet your teacher gives you with answers. You want something that covers everything you need to know and know. You organize it in the best way possible, usually textbook style and with color. These usually take about 2-4 hours to make and are the best thing. Usually when you study these you can get someone to ask you a question just based on the answer.

That lead into my last tip. Study with friends that support and help you. I like to study with my best friend because we both love every subject and we have different teachers so we get a new look on things. She goes through her notes and it gives me a new way to look at it and a new way to hear the information, rather than reading your notes over and over knowing the information in one way. Your friend can push you and tell you what you need to work on. The best kind is if they are 
honest with you and where you are with the information.

Those are my study tips that i live by and would share with anyone. I hope these help with your test and even better your finals.

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