Thursday, November 19, 2015

Fall Fashion


Hey Everybody,

I can’t believe it I am actually writing one on time!! I am trying to get into the habbit of this so I have to say I am off to a pretty good start. Fall is hitting hard in Oregon and I am loving it. Fall is here from late September and lasts until spring. We don’t get real winters unless you count some sleet if you’re lucky.

I have pulled together some comfy and great outfits that all revolve around my fall favorites. I have no idea what I would do without these pieces!! I love my Hunter boots so much and I have the navy ones. They are the best rain boots, I live in Oregon and wear them almost everyday.  My Patagonia is the coziest. It is pretty much a blanket that was sewn into a sweatshirt and go perfect with vests! Speaking of vests, my Jcrew vest is so cute and adds such fun to a casual outfit. Leggings are essential for the days when jeans are just not right. Lululemons are the best and are so soft and warm! Finally my favorite thing of all is scarfs. This scarf I have in about 3 different colors and they go with everything. They always make me feel so cozy!!

I hope all of you have a super fun fall and I wish you all the best Thanksgiving. If you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving I hope you have a great day!!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Staying Organized

I am a quarter of the way done with the school year! YAY! So far I have gotten great at organizing. I can do it for the week, for class, for notes, and everything possible. I have a few organizing tips for school that I think we all could use because this is the time where we start to get a bit lazy.

  1. Get a planner. I have a Lilly Pulitzer planner that I absolutely love it. I can do a whole post on that if anyone wants. Keep everything that is due, test dates, and homework in that. It is nice to know that all of the information I need about my life is in one place.
  2. Color code. Color coding is so helpful. I also think it is fun and super pretty when you have a color coded anything. My notes, planner, and study guides are all color coded. Also all my classes are color coded.
  3. Separate. For your school notes and assignments keep everything separate and keep all things of the same class in one place. I keep all my classes color coded and by schedule, odd periods and even periods. Odds are pinks and reds, while the evens are blues. I think this really helps because without it I would be digging around my bag all day to find the right notebook or binder.
  4. Divide. My binders and notes are divided and subdivided. I have spanish into notes, warm ups, and assignments. English is divided into reading, writing, notes, and assignments. Knowing where everything is and that is in a specific location helps me stay sane when I am overloaded with papers.
  5. Sticky notes. Sticky notes are a lifesaver. I jot down notes and lists. They are so easy to carry around and I bring them everywhere. They are all over my planner and my notes. I make one in the morning and at night, the goal is to always get everything done on it.

I hope this helped any of you getting a bit messy into the school year. I hope you all have a fantastic week and a lovely day!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Hey, I am back.

Hey, I am back.

So it has been a month in a half since I have done anything on here and I could give you a long list of excuses, but I am not going to do that. The truth is, life is busy and hard and I forgot about this. But, I am back so that is something to look forward to.

I have had such a busy school year so far. Pre-Calc is kicking my butt and chemistry has decided to join the fun. English has become such a fun class and that is one of the reasons why I have gotten back into this. Although school is tough and life is busy I decided why not get back into blogging. I enjoy it and want to make this a fun outlet.

I am going to TRY to post once a week. I know a post could take like 10 minutes write and stuff, but I want to make these good quality posts that are thoughtful.
So because of all the chaos I am going to start the next post that I have had to use a lot. How I keep myself organized.

Hope you all have a fantastic week!