Thursday, February 4, 2016

New Semester

Hey everybody,

I am so sorry for my off and on. A new semester just started and I wanted to start this one off great. Last semester didn’t end as well as planned, but I am ready for this semester. I absolutely love starting a new semester because it’s a fresh start and I am not as stressed as I am during the middle of the semester. I have a few tips to a new semester and how to keep you on track for the new semester.

Get New Supplies: At the beginning of the semester I always get new binders if my old ones are falling apart. The same is with notebooks, most of my notebooks are almost filled all the way out or they are bending and flimsy.

A Folder For The Past Semester: I use an ocoridion style binder to put all of my notes and assignments in from the past semester. This is great if you know the final at the end of the year covers the whole year. Also, if there is a test and you need to review you know where everything is.

Use Your Planner: I am big on using my planner and I love it. I have mine color-coded and it works great for me. Its great to know I have all my homework and upcoming quizzes and tests in one place so I never feel like I am caught off guard.

Complete Homework ASAP: To stop procrastination do your homework right when you get home. If you get in the habit of doing it as soon as your home you wont have to stay up late completing it because you just remembered at 11:00 at night.

Bring Water: I try to bring water with me everywhere. If I have water and stay hydrated I tend to stay more focused and I don’t get headaches. If your like me and the flavorless water is almost boring you can get electrolyte tablets to put in it or Emergen-C which is great if your prone to getting sick.