Monday, July 27, 2015

Week of July 27th Goals

My late july/august goals have been to set a weekly goal and then continue it for the week if it is a reasonable goal. For example, one week I tried going dairy free and it was a great choice. I have never felt better.

For this week my main focus is on five different tasks. At the end of the week I keep myself on track by reflecting on how well I achieved the goals.

  1. Getting a plan for a steady post schedule. I am sorry to the confusion of my posts being at the weirdest times and dates. I have been in and out of town for the past few weeks and continue for the next few. I am trying to get one post written a day and edit one a day. Then hopefully post every other day… Is that a crazy plan?
  2. Clean out my desk. My desk is a disorganized mess that I haven’t touched since school. I need to go through it and see what all has accumulated in the drawers in the past 2 months.
  3. I want to drink at least two cups of tea a day. I think I go days where I drink a cup of water and it is a terrible day for me and the people around me. If I drink one cup of tea in the morning I will at least know I am starting my day well. Drinking a cup before bed is always so calming and if I can get those two in I know I just have to drink 6 more during the day. That can’t be that hard right/
  4. Plan my new bedroom. I am moving in September to a townhouse in the same town just different location. I get my own floor; it is a three floor house, and my own bathroom. I plan on going with a navy and pink theme but I haven’t decided. Anyone have any ideas?
  5. Go gluten free. I eat maybe two bagels a day and I have finally decided I should go gluten free. My cousin has celiac and it runs in my family, but I was blessed to not have it. I have heard so many people talk about how good they feel after cutting out gluten and I need to try it out for myself.

I wonder if any of you have any weekly goals and if you do tell me them and I may try them. I love trying new things and I am up to any ideas!

Here are some cute pictures I found on Tumblr that I thought were super cute and I hope they brighten your day!!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Summer Favorites and Occurrences

  1. Grey’s Anatomy. I have watched Grey’s Anatomy since I was little and faked sleeping on the couch with my mom while she was watching. I am on current season as well as watched it all the way through on Netflix five times. I am on my sixth time now!
  2. Good Books. I have been reading so many books lately. I am currently reading Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee. I have a post all about the books I have been reading this summer.
  3. Baking. I have been baking cupcakes and cookies at least once a week! I have found so many fun recipes and so many creative ways to turn a simple recipe into a great one.
  4. Pinterest. Okay so all I have done this whole summer is go on pinterest? I am okay with that.
  5. Sundresses. Putting on shorts and a shirt is so complicated. Why not just wear a sundress that is super simple and easy? People think you tried super hard, but reality of it is you wanted something loose and comfy.
  6. Golf. I have just started golfing and I love it. The outfits are also super cute and it is a great social activity.
  7. Iced Tea. In the summer my appreciation for iced tea goes through the roof and I never seem to get enough.
  8. Teeth Whitening. I have been obsessed with getting my teeth as white as possible. I have been using a baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and a bit of toothpaste mixture.
  9. Attempting to tan. I have the skin of a piece of printer paper and I wish a was a bronze beauty but it tends to not work out! I still try to tan though!
  10. Taylor Swift. I am going to her 1989 concert in August and I am so excited! I absolutely love her and her music.
  11. Bike Riding. I have been riding my bike around town a lot this summer. I have a purple cruiser bike with a basket and I absolutely love it.
  12. Cleaning. Yes you heard me right. I enjoy cleaning and organizing. It is pretty sad that I am 15 and like cleaning, but I don’t care, I enjoy it.
  13. Lululemon. I love there clothes and whenever I walk by the store I come out with something. I love their running shorts and have to say they are better than norts...
  14. Lilly Pulitzer backgrounds. I have a Lilly Pulitzer background on all of my technology and currently it is Red Right Return.
  15. Kate Spade. I love all Kate Spade and there are so many things that I love from them. All their necklaces and dresses have me falling in love but my wallet crying.
  16. Quilting. I have been trying to quilt lately and it is a rough process. My seams don’t really line up but I am still happy with it so far.
  17. Getting Ready for School. It is July and I don’t start school until September but I will continue to lust over the school supplies.
  18. Puppies. I can spend hours on the internet just looking at pictures of puppies. I love labs and so many others.
  19. Jack Rogers. I have been wearing mine so much that one of them broke and I had to go exchange them, but Nordstrom was great and let me exchange them for free.
  20. Lilly Pulitzer Planners. I have my Lilly Planner and I love it so much. It is perfect for me.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Back To School

So school is coming up for many people so I decided to go ahead and make a post about back to school. You start out the school year with a thriller, school supply shopping. The best thing about going back to school is the amount of energy I put into getting school supplies. Am I the only one that comes up with a color scheme and makes a list of all the exact items to get?

Obviously you have to get a Backpack and the one that I have here is a North Face backpack. I used one last year and I absolutely love it. Its a black backpack and I probably carried 10 pounds worth of books in it and it definitely spread out the weight.

I investment is a nice Calculator that will work all through highschool and college. I took Algebra 2 last year, as a freshman and I had a simpler version of this calculator and it was not up to parr and I wished I had bought it. This one has all the bells and whistles and it is worth it. I will be taking Pre Calc this year and without a doubt I am getting this.

To stay organized throughout the year invest in a Planner or agenda. They are the same thing but have two different names. I have used a planner every year and I have no idea what I would do without it. This one is from Lilly Pulitzer, but Kate Spade also has some super cute ones!

A necessity are a Notebook and or a Binder system. I usually use the binder system but I always keep a notebook for note taking. I take the notes in the notebook, redo them at home then put them in my binder. I like using binders because they are lighter and I can use one binder for multiple classes.

For your writing utensils I use a mixture of Pens, Highlighters, and Pencils. I use pens for almost everything and use pencils if I have to do something that must be erased. AKA, writing in my music during choir. Then of course you need a cute Pencil Case to store it all in. This one is from Lilly Pulitzer and has a ton of cute little stuff in it you can also use in your planner!

I hope this helped everybody!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Tips For Divorced Parent Packing


My parents have been divorced for 3 years and I hate it but for anyone that is going through a divorce, it gets better. Over the years you get used to it and find out it’s usually for the better. It was the hardest thing I went through. I am so sorry for any of you going through it.

Well packing for weeks at one house then weeks at another you usually have to pack. I have had it in many different ways. All of my clothes at one house and bring outfits to the other and splitting your clothes half and half. There is no easy way to do it but I have a lot of tips that can make a difference.

Plan Outfits: If you plan your outfits you will not be a few days into it and realize you only brought two to three shirts and seven pants with four days left. When you plan out your outfits you know exactly how many tops you need and which ones. It’s the same for pants and the rest of the clothing items.

Bring Versatile Items: If your bring a white t-shirt or tank top and jeans you can do so many outfits with it. You can add a statement necklace,  a colored cardigan, or a monogramed rain jacket. Anything you can do to spice it up and use these items as much as you can.

Look At The Weather: If it is going to be cloudy and possible rain bring rain boots and a rain jacket. If it is going to be hot bring shorts and t-shirts. If it is going to have an overcast bring jeans and cardigans. You don’t want to get there and realize all you have it sweatshirts and jeans in 90 degree weather.

Overpack On Certain Items: If you know you are going to loose socks bring extra. If you know it is going to be cold and you are  going to want lots of layers bring extra sweatshirts. Know what you need more of and what you need to over pack on. The best things that you should over pack on are undergarments. You never want to be short on those.

Plan Out Your Activities: If your plans consist of hiking make sure you write that down somewhere and bring hiking clothes and shoes. I always write down the plans in my planner so I can reference that while packing and don’t end up hiking in flip flops.

Toiletries: Toiletries are such a hard place because I never know what I already have so I always over pack on those. I am assuming you don’t need to bring toilet paper or conditioner but I would always check to make sure. I usually bring the least amount of makeup possible just concealer and powder and maybe mascara. I would always say over pack and realize you have some there!

I hope these tips help you all and that your parents divorce isn’t affecting you. Comment if you have any questions or if you have any tips I didn’t talk about!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

June Favorites

Hey everybody,

Last month was such a busy month despite me sitting in bed and watching Netflix as much as I could.  I fell in love with a few things. The first one, country music. Okay, so thats not really a thing but, in summer you can’t go boating without boat music. Am I the only one that knows exactly what boat music is? Kenny Chesney and The Eagles. Its basically really calm country music. Well besides constantly listening to that; I have done a lot of things revolving around my skin. Cleansers, moisturizers, and tools. I have a love hate relationship with summer and the no makeup because it is fantastic that my skin can breathe but it’s simply annoying when you get a few pimples.

I have been using the Burt’s Bees Brightening daily facial cleanser with daisy extract. I bought it at target and it leaves my skin so soft and clean. I have been using that with my Clarisonic Mia. Together my skin is as clean as it has ever been and the Clarisonic is a bit of a splurge but it pays off when you see and feel your skin after using it.

Could you tell I have a bit of an obsession with Kate Spade? Well her new perfume came out I believe 2 months ago. I bought it about a month ago and I have never gotten as many compliments about a perfume. I have walked into Starbucks multiple times with people asking me what perfume I was wearing. In the Kate Spade jewelry bag was my Kate Spade One in a Million pendant necklace. They no longer have it on the Kate Spade website but it is on the Nordstrom website. I have the silver one with a A on it. I wear it with everything. It’s always on me and I also got it from one of my friends, making it even more special.

Finally my favorite lip color has been the Nars Satin Lip Pencil in Rikugien. Its the perfect color. Just a bit of color and it stays on all day without a smudge. All my friends got it after I bought it and I have 2 of the travel sizes. This lip pencil is amazing.

I hope everyone is having a great summer and is doing great!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Summer Reads

So far this summer I have been indoors a lot because I was cursed with pasty skin and don’t want to get skin cancer. I have been watching Netflix… A lot of Netflix. I think this is my 6th time watching Greys Anatomy through so thats fun. I have also been reading a ton this summer and have made a list of books I want to have read by the end of the summer. These are classics and super new books.
Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee comes out on July 14th and ever since reading To Kill A Mockingbird I have been dying to read this.
Paper Towns by John Green, has a movie that is out I think or is going to be out soon and I need to go make sure I read the book before seeing the movie.
The Help by Kathryn Stockett, I have seen the movie and I really want to read the book to see if there are many differences compared to the movie.
Finally, The Heir by Kiera Cass. I have read the first 3 books in this series and i loved them. They were super similar to the bachelor, but better. The first 3 books are; The Selection, The Elite, and The One.  

I may do a review on any of these books if anyone is interested! I also purchased all of these books off amazon!