Thursday, June 11, 2015

Staying Fit in Summer

In summer everyone wants that bikini body. With it being summer everyone gets a little lazy and I have about 5 foolproof ways to stay fit. In summer, we all wake up way too late and go to bed way too late. You eat as much junk as you can fit into your mouth and give no second thought too it. You sit on your couch or by a pool for 2 months and text your friends 24/7.
  1. Eat a Healthy Breakfast. Usually for breakfast you eat some sort of sugary cereal or some 5000 calorie scone. Switch those out for a gorgeous fruit salad with nonfat yogurt or a green smoothie. Eggs and whole grain toast with peanut butter if you feel crazy.
  2. Drink Water. So much weight in your body is water weight because you drink enough water. I will go weeks where I will not drink enough water, then a few weeks where I drink a ton of water. I lose about 5 pounds and have glowing skin. It sounds crazy, but it works.
  3. Go For a Walk. I have a dog and she’s very old but a walk does her well. We go on about a mile walk every other day. It gives you time to think and gives you some physical activity without overworking yourself. When ever I go for walks I see some gorgeous views just from around my neighborhood. Also, take photos of the pretty views because you  won’t see that exact moment ever again. Here’s a one of mine.
  1. Go Swimming. How many times do you lay by the pool and get in a few times but don’t actually swim. Swimming is great. You are working out without getting sweaty and you feel so refreshed. Just jump in and do a few laps or race your friends. Go early when there isn’t any little kids and use some muscles. Also while swimming you still get tan, sometimes even faster because the water reflects the sun if that wasn’t enough to get you in the water.
  2. Do Yoga. Yoga is a great form of exercise and usually you know if you’re working yourself. Yoga is one of those things that you can do almost anywhere. It goes from simple stretching to crazy positions you feel in every muscle. Try doing it for about 20 minutes every few days and see how you feel. You can watch videos online of easy yoga. I love blogilates, it’s easy videos to follow. You can watch her here:

Hope these help and if you have any tips comment them below. I would love to know what you guys do.

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