Sunday, May 17, 2015

My Style Inspiration

Over the past few months I almost have a distinct style. It doesn't quite go into one category but most of the time i consider it pretty preppy. My main style icons are Taylor Swift and Kate Middleton. Taylor Swift is one of my idols and I feel like she shares some great lessons. Her usual is that you don't need a boy. Honestly, the world where we live in is so dependent on needing a boy. It's great that we have a role model that doesn't need that. Kate Middleton has so much class and pride. She shows great morals and characteristics. She is so lady like and would never be seen in a crop top that could be a bra and a pair of booty shorts.

Taylor has the makeup look everyone wants, well at least what I want. She haas the perfect red lip and clean face and perfect eyeliner. Nothing trashy. Can we talk about her hair? I have never seen anyone pull off the long bob as well as she can. Her best looks involve:

Kate rocks the clean and classy outfits everyday. She came out of the hospital in a beautiful yellow dress, only hours after labor. Her outfits are always so cute and can be easily replicated. She knows how to style her riding boots, the perfect sweater, and the perfect dresses. Her look can be seen by everyone and be adored. My personal favorites of hers are:

If Kate and Taylor had a little style baby it may be me, but their styles scream cute and classy. If I need any inspiration for my style I go to these 2 lovely ladies.