Thursday, April 30, 2015

Hunter Rain Boots

My biggest obsession right now is Hunter rain boots. They go with everything and they spruce up every outfit. Whenever I where these shoes I get so many compliments. I do live in a place where it rains till around June so I do get great use out of my boots. It can be 80 on a Monday and be 50 on Tuesday.  About a total of 8 to 9 months of rain causes me to invest in some sturdy rain boots. Hunter’s are honestly the best rain boots. I have tried bogs as well, and I also have a pair of bean boots. Hunter’s are comfortable, cute, and also great at keeping water out.
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I usually do pair my boots with either jeans or leggings. Yes, I do have the navy boots and pair them with black leggings. It’s not the cutest look, but I would rather save an extra few minutes in the morning without struggling to put on jeans.  The navy matches about every top I own. I usually tuck my jeans into the boots like any normal person and pull the hunter socks over the top. I have the white ones, as well as the black socks.
In the future I plan on getting more Hunter boots. I want a pair in red and maybe a pair in turquoise. The brighter the better; because anything with color makes a day with rain better.  

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Monday, April 27, 2015

My First Post

I have decided to create a blog. This is hopefully going to stay anonymous because i don't want people i know seeing this. I doubt anyone will see this. But here is some information about me.
1. I live on the west coast causing my addiction to preppy to be overlooked. Here on the west coast hipster and bohemian is the big trend which is very sad.
2. Pearls practically go with anything. Not only do they match everything they are flattering on any shape, color, or size.
3. Flowers can brighten my day. They smell great and they add so much color.
4. The 2 months we get out of the year with complete sun in the day is my favorite time. Everyone is so happy.
5. I take school way to seriously. I am in high school and am blessed to go to a great public school. I enjoy science and math. I am currently in biology and algebra 2.
6. I plan to use this blog to talk about fashion and many things that start to revolve around that.